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Pubcat Hope

PC for short, just kinda showed up one day. Purveyor of all she sees and hears. Defeater of overconfident dogs. Generally asleep until last orders.

Follow her on twitter @pubcathope

Hello Pusscat

Pusscat chose to live at The Lord Nelson in Poole. He just arrived one day and whilst every effort was undertaken to find his owner it was to no avail. He is often around to greet the customers. He's very friendly, especially if you have a bag of dreamies.

Valkyre Walpurgisnacht Carmel-Apple!

One of two greeter cats, she is the most likely to seek you out and say hello. With a name like that, it's no wonder she's not shy.

Chairman Meow

Chairman Meow chose the pub life. Follow his exploits at


Franklin likes to sit on the bar stools. Generally struts about being aloof. Pretty cool bar cat.

Wistful at the Windsor Castle

Lucky black pubcat at The Lady Luck

Pickles is a sweet little black kitty who lives in The Lady Luck Bar! He likes to hang out in the bar (even though he's not allowed – when shut upstairs, he just leaps out of the window onto the wall and makes his way back in from the beer garden), and out front in the evenings when it's quieter. He's super friendly and loves to be petted.


Bud the pubcat at the White Bear likes a good scritch on the head.


It's amazing what you can find in a skip; The Swan pub found Walpole in the skip during the renovation of the pub in 2012 and named him after the former prime minister who is rumoured to have stayed here. Often found on the roof sunning himself, he peers down on the unwary drinker, passing judgement disdainfully.


When Cats Protection London (@CatsNorthLondon) tweeted a video of Legz, bouncing about in his newly legless state like it was no big thing, the notorious @kentishtowncats took a break from trolling pigeons to matchmake pub and cat. The now leg-end-ary Legz has taken to his new career like a three-legged pubcat, which is better than you’d think...

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