When Cats Protection London (@CatsNorthLondon) tweeted a video of Legz, bouncing about in his newly legless state like it was no big thing, the notorious @kentishtowncats took a break from trolling pigeons to matchmake pub and cat. The now leg-end-ary Legz has taken to his new career like a three-legged pubcat, which is better than you’d think...

Legz is totally unfazed by a lively Friday night crowd and with his confident, slightly wonky, swagger he owns the all the punters. When he’s in a playful mood he’s got quite a turn of speed and has no trouble popping up on the bar to be amongst his admirers. When the bar is quieter he can be seen amusing himself with an unorthodox game of pingpong.

Legz’ tripedal twitter fame can be followed on@TheDespard and @bar_bint as well as having his own page on the pub website.

The Charlotte Despard


The Charlotte Despard
17-19 Archway Road
London N19 3TX
United Kingdom

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