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It's amazing what you can find in a skip; The Swan pub found Walpole in the skip during the renovation of the pub in 2012 and named him after the former prime minister who is rumoured to have stayed here. Often found on the roof sunning himself, he peers down on the unwary drinker, passing judgement disdainfully.


When Cats Protection London (@CatsNorthLondon) tweeted a video of Legz, bouncing about in his newly legless state like it was no big thing, the notorious @kentishtowncats took a break from trolling pigeons to matchmake pub and cat. The now leg-end-ary Legz has taken to his new career like a three-legged pubcat, which is better than you’d think...

Piano Pubcat

Untuned pianos, leaky accordions and bunged up harmonicas are all favoured instruments to the specialised ear of the pubcat.

Box Checker

Timmy The Idle Hour’s pub cat carefully inspects all deliveries that arrive in a cardboard box; thankfully the full shipment of dark hiding places has arrived.

One Eyed Pubcat

Radcliffe wandered into the pub nearly seven years ago and decided it was home for him. He lost an eye two days after we officially adopted him but it doesn't hindrance his hunting skills. He pretty much owns the pub and probably thinks it was named after him!

Picnic Table Pubcat

There was a St Albans Pubcat
Who aspired to become very fat
On the tables he lurked
When his nose it was perked
Buy the pubsnacks that filled a Pubcat

Marauding Pubcat

Don't be fooled by the angelic face, the Birdcage's pubcat is coming for your snacks; with a name like Maraud you can't say you weren't warned.

1. Roam in search of things to steal: "a marauding pubcat stole my chips".
2. Raid and plunder (a place, and also your plaice).

Puddle of Pubcat

What could be more inviting than the underside of Malcolm and a pint?

Congratulation due to the proud pubcat on the arrival of his pubkittens.

Aussie Barcats

These pubcat stereotypes have come all the way from Australia to work in a pub.


It's very important to keep your fishies warm, and where better than under a furry belly? Well, funny you should ask...

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