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Station Social Clubcat

Alfie is the Rushden Historical Transport Society Social Club clubcat who, in classic cat fashion turned up as a stray and moved in. The society won C.A.M.R.A National Club of the Year in 2010 and looks like the best reason to take up train spotting since the parka came back into style. Keep up with Alfie and many handsome photos on his Facebook page.

All Ears

Sometimes the comfiest spots come with the greatest risk of squishing from weary rears. This little Pubcat won't miss approaching footfalls with ears like that.

Pubcats... and Dogs, Sheep, Ducks and Chickens

Pubcats are the tip of the menagerie at the Tan Hill Inn.

Claiming the Pool Table

Where there is a vacancy a Pubcat will eventually turn up...

Pubcats Land on Their Feet

Ex-stray Craig fell on his feet here at Westow House Pub and promptly rolled over for a nice tummy tickle.

Cat-ching Some Rays

You can tell the time of day by the position of the Pubcat in the sun. If the Pubcat is right next to your face you've fallen down – time to go home.


Apparently playing with a camera strap, but it could all be an elaborate ruse to pick-pocket your packed lunch.

Snack Bar Means Snacks

Hypno-Pubcat doesn't need puppy-dog eyes. You will hand over the snacks... you can't help yourself.

Hard as Pubcats

Sometimes you've got to be tough to hold your own as a Pubcat.

Square Cat

This exceptionally friendly chap hangs out in a square flanked by a diners on one side and a Monastery on the other with a steady stream of tourists to make a fuss of him. When leaning to stroke him he launches himself into your hand!

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