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Talk To Me Goose

According to @bar_bint Goose doesn't live at The Charlotte Despard, but in true Pubcat style he just wanders in an acts like he owns the place. This is his 'supreme leader impression' which is most imperious, but he also does a nice line in barmat and feather-duster.

Grand Old Pubcat

Ben says "Tiger is an old lady by cat standards but can still be found visiting the Beer Garden when not asleep inside the pub. She is able to open the door from the outside to let herself in but does not have the knack of closing it again."


This bar in Amsterdam serves a basket of ginger cat with your La Chouffe. Mmmmm.

Plant-hire Cat Turned Pubcat

The brilliantly named CraigDavid was taken in to the Free Trade Inn after he was found hanging around outside in the snow. A former resident of a plant hire compound, one regular kindly cleaned the oil off him and he now looks fluffy as nature intended.

Now he enjoys sitting on a barstool or next to the bulky red hot radiator and even has his own catnip pint of beer!

The fluffy CraigDavig has his own Facebook page.

Security by Professional Doorcat

Othello is likes to sit up high by the door so he’s well placed to keep an eye on the punters coming and going. Delyse says he’s very popular with the clients, except when he tries to join in with a game of snooker.

So what’s Othello’s door policy? If your lap’s not comfy, you’re not coming in.

Station Social Clubcat

Alfie is the Rushden Historical Transport Society Social Club clubcat who, in classic cat fashion turned up as a stray and moved in. The society won C.A.M.R.A National Club of the Year in 2010 and looks like the best reason to take up train spotting since the parka came back into style. Keep up with Alfie and many handsome photos on his Facebook page.

All Ears

Sometimes the comfiest spots come with the greatest risk of squishing from weary rears. This little Pubcat won't miss approaching footfalls with ears like that.

Pubcats... and Dogs, Sheep, Ducks and Chickens

Pubcats are the tip of the menagerie at the Tan Hill Inn.

Claiming the Pool Table

Where there is a vacancy a Pubcat will eventually turn up...

Pubcats Land on Their Feet

Ex-stray Craig fell on his feet here at Westow House Pub and promptly rolled over for a nice tummy tickle.

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