Bringing you the finest pusses in pubs and denizens of dive bars.

On the Decks

Everyone's think's the'd be great on the decks, but Paris knows, she just needs an assistant with opposable thumbs. Make room in that record box for a nap!

Pubcat Profile

Smokey Pubcat in the beer garden

Stew Stuffed Pubcat

Pubcat at a bar that serves 'stringy' beef stew. Someone seems to be enjoying it!

Gato do Cabo Branco

Wrapped around all the chairs, going for the world record number of seats occupied by a single Pubcat

Pubcat Alert

This Antwerp Pubcat has noticed something very interesting, perhaps you ordered a little fishy pub food?

Velvet Trap

Not only a relaxing spot, but the velvet is sure to retain the maximum fluff to transfer to the next unsuspecting drinkers rear. Being evil has never been so little effort.

La Zona

Chilled Spanish Pubcat taking a siesta.

Brooklyn Aloof

Hipster Pubcat is looking moody in the corner.

Argentinian Pubcat

Introducing our first South American Pubcat.

Mr Wu, Under the Bar

Mr Wu lives life dangerously amongst the feet of the punters.

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