Bringing you the finest pusses in pubs and denizens of dive bars.

Hen and Kittens

Henry cocks a leg at the Hen and Chickens.

That Far Away Look

Pondering the possibility of you picking up that menu over there.

Coaster Cat

Pubcats don't like you leaving marks on the furniture – that's their job.

Shadow of Shy Cat

I half expect his shadow to get up and tap dance away.

Who Are You Calling Ginger?

George looks unimpressed by any 'humorous' ginger jokes, and don't mention the pub-tyre it's not easy staying trim with all that pub food.

Basking in Patriotism

In a rarely seen example of Pubcat enthusiasm, O'Malley loyally choses to snooze in the warm orange shade of a Holland shirt.

The Pubcat Shrimp Equasion

The number of shrimp you have is inversely proportional to your distance from the Pubcat.

Pubcat Sprawl

The light is soft, the atmosphere relaxed, next thing you know you're passed out on the table.

National Parkcat

After a long hike you need a pint and a Pubcat winding therapeutically around your aching legs.

That Look

It's classic pubcat disapproval – maybe you have had too many, maybe it is time to go home.

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