Bringing you the finest pusses in pubs and denizens of dive bars.

Dam Pubcat

The awesomely named and snazzily dressed Dam Cat.

Pubcattery in Motion

The more mobile type of Pubcat can be hard to catch!

Pubcat Camouflage Fail

Wasn't trying that hard though, how else would people know to stare admiringly.

Le Chat du Pub

A sunny spot is a Pubcat essential.

Portland Vintage

This Portland Pubcat has the casual vintage style wrapped up.

Pubcat Recycles

Reduce. Reuse. Pubcat.

Propping up the Bar

This Pubcat takes his place up at the bar with the regulars.

Fearless Prawn Hunter

A Pubcat who knows what she wants – prawns. Lilly also checks to make sure punters haz flavour.


Kitten Maggie makes excellent, if unconventional advertising for Black Dog beer – mmm, silky smooth with a fwuffy finnish.

Purrless Pubcat

This South London Pubcat with the elusive purr is frustratingly employing the treat em mean keep em keen approach which puts him in the aloof Pubcat category.

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