Bringing you the finest pusses in pubs and denizens of dive bars.

Pubcat of Contentment

Self satisfied Pubcat with the look of total relaxation.

Pension Pubcat and the Bothersome Younger Generation

Sam has retired from civilian life to lead a new life as a Pubcat – proving that old cats are perfectly able to learn new tricks (if there's a treat jar in the vicinity) – While Thomas provides the comic relief.

Peaceful Pubcat

Despite the pub hubub, this chap is sound asleep.

Kiss Me Hardy

This imperious Pubcat is Woody, he lives at the Trinity Arms with his sister Horatio who was "believed to be male, named after Lord Nelson and then discovered to in fact be a girl". He's also known to make a lunge for your leftovers. Watch your snacks people.

Pubcat is a Liquid

In their liquid state pubcats flow into corners and across sofas.

Sinatra Spark Out

You know how it is when you fall asleep at the table after a long day being awesome.

Royal Pubcat

Looking regal.


Look at that face – you're about to get hustled.

Covert Pubcat

The key to sneaking up on snacks is camouflage.

All Pubcat

Who ate all the pies? Clearly nothing gets past this Pubcat, least of all leftovers.

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