Bringing you the finest pusses in pubs and denizens of dive bars.

Sinatra Spark Out

You know how it is when you fall asleep at the table after a long day being awesome.

Royal Pubcat

Looking regal.


Look at that face – you're about to get hustled.

Covert Pubcat

The key to sneaking up on snacks is camouflage.

All Pubcat

Who ate all the pies? Clearly nothing gets past this Pubcat, least of all leftovers.

That Pubcat Look

The look that says "you've had enough mate, and if you call me Mr Fwuffy Pants again you're barred"

You Didn't Want to Read That

You want to have a stroke really.

Neutral Luck

You never know when someone might spill their pint.


Less scooters more drinking at this bar cafe now (the scooter repair has moved to Bermondsey) all watched over by their own Pubcat.

Cold Beer and Warm Kitten

Now that's service.

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